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Drug Discovery

Provide innovative solutions in the field of discovery by offering stan...        Read More

Drug Development

Acute, 28 day, 90 day, dermal and reproduction toxicology studies... Read More

Biotech Services

Polyclonal antibody generation, bioassays, biosimilars testing in rab... Read More

Lab Animal Services

SD Rat, Wistar rat, Swiss albino mouse, Balb-c mouse, C57BL mouse... Read More

Custom Synthesis

Custom synthesis to support pharmaceutical product develop ... Read More

Consultancy services

GLP, End to end solutions for discovery and development, REACH... Read More

Why To Choose Us ?

1. Stability studies of herbal formulations.
2. Supervision and technical training in preclinical experiments involved in PG and PhD courses.
3. Evaluation of In-vitro antioxidant parameters.
4. Technical training in performing the estimations of various biomarkers involved in pre-clinical studies.
5. Toxicological and efficacy studies involved in preclinical research.
6. Drug absorption studies.

About Us

Namiva Bio Sciences is a Bengaluru based preclinical contract research organization providing facilities for various preclinical experiments like stability studies, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, toxicological and efficacy studies. This organization also provides the basic techniques required for the preclinical studies.

The team headed by well experienced in
research with PhD qualification.

Our Facility

We have infrastructure, instruments and other facilities required for the preclinical research.

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